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Serving Montreal's West Island Community for 7 years!

A fun, practical approach to conversational French.
Learn the French you need to know.

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By Popular Demand.

In addition to our lesson program given in Pierrefonds,
Lessons by Telephone (local calls only),
Skype or MSN Messenger are also available

These types of lessons are perfect for conversational French practice and instruction.
You can record them if you wish for future reference. Lessons are one hour in length and the price is $25 an hour.
All such lessons are prepaid using Paypal. (Lessons will be charged to your credit card or Paypal account.)
Call 514-696-7096 for more information about these types of lessons.

Price: $25 an hour. Group rates available.

advanced vocabulary

You choose the day, the time and the frequency that suits your schedule:

  1. Weekdays,
  2. Evenings,
  3. Morning, afternoon or early evening

Availability Monday to Friday until 8 PM.

Individual or small group lessons

Learn conversational French for business or social reasons

Speak French with the right accent from France and pronunciation

Even if you speak French well, these lessons are for you as you learn to enjoy the subtly of the language and to communicate complex ideas easily and with fluency.

As a beginner your conversational French will only improve as you practice speaking and communicating

There is only one teaching location (no outcalls!):

Note that Conversational French Lessons is a division of Emarketing-Canada, a Canadian corporation since 1985.